sitrep 2018-07-30

First post in a while:

  • After stalling with weight loss for a bit I am back on track but feeling hungry sometimes so my fat intake is off, I guess.
  • I got a Halti for my dog. As a 100lbs Lab with impulse control issues he was a lot to handle and I wasn’t walking him because I didn’t want to deal with his lunging and pulling… The Gentle Leader solves all that. I don’t know why I waited this long. He had one before but he fussed so much he ended up damaging the skin around his muzzle so I had to get rid of it. Maybe it is because he is older now but he is tolerating it much better (yes, I read all the stuff about how to introduce it). Very relieved and he is loving all the extra walking.
  • Health-wise I could use more sleep but what can you do? Feeling pretty good and have some new stretches from physio to do that will also help core strength.
  • I want to get back at the bot fight code! I will do some now for 20 minutes, I guess.

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