2018-11-23 05:29

Starting Keto AGAIN

After careful consideration I have decided to double down on Keto. I have been slipping back in to a standard diet lately, much to my regret. Inflammation is up, making it much harder to sleep and I am generally not feeling great. I would say my weight stabilized once I started sliding back and is in danger of going back up (I gain weight very, very easily).

Yesterday was day one, back on it (2018-11-20) so wish me luck. I am not going to bother weighing myself every day. I recently decided weight is not even close to as important to me as how I feel, how my clothes fit, controlling cravings, and other aspects of life. And what happens when I obsess over weight is as I see it go down I am tempted to “reward” with a “treat”.

This is addictive behaviour. I am a food addict. Probably a pizza addict. Salty, carby, fatty food. Oh, just typing that makes me want some now. My favorite food? Pizza, bacon sandwhiches, grilled cheese, etc. Anyway, I need to confront this. I have beaten harder things in my time, and cold turkey. Here I go again. I have to think of Owen and the man he sees as his father. He needs a healthy role model.

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