2018-08-12 11:23

Wake Up Early

I see lot of people talking about waking up early. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. I love the peacefulness of an early morning and now I am working in a different time zone (there’s more to it as well) so I have to do it for my job.

For me, the key to waking up early is the bedtime routine. Much has been written about sleep hygiene so I will focus on the things I do the night before to make the morning go smoothly. Reducing the reasons to stay asleep just makes it easier to get up when you need to. If you pay attention you will notice that stumbling around first thing is way less efficient than setting things up the night before.


  • layout your clothes for the morning, take a shower, and put on clean sleeping clothes (pjs or whatever).
  • grind coffee when making dinner if you grind your own. You are going to be getting your coffee set up before bed so grind it now to avoid making lots of noise right before bed and you’ll be more likely to get the coffee set up.
  • right before bed:

    • let the dog out
    • set the coffee up so you can just turn on a kettle or automatic drip when you wake up. If your schedule allows it, you can even program your automatic drip maker to have hot coffee when you wake up.
    • set out everything for the coffee to make it as efficient as possible (cup on counter next to coffee maker, etc)
    • finally, fill a glass with water and cover it with saran wrap, put it in the fridge

Now when you wake up:

  • take your clothes into the kitchen and turn on the kettle or coffee machine
  • then take the clothes to the washroom, do what you need to do, and get dressed
  • go back to the kitchen and drink the fridge water while you complete the coffee process
  • get started on the thing you woke up to do

Modify this routine to suit yourself but the water is a key part of it and so is laying out your clothes. You need to rehydrate after you sleep and getting dressed puts you into a “carpe diem” mindset.

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