Why blog?

Why do I maintain this blog?

It requires me (the way I have it set up) to maintain a VPS to host it, to run Syncthing to make it easy to edit blog posts, to keep a domain registered and pointed at the VPS, and I need to find some reason to put something here every so often or what’s the point?

So what is the point? It is just a place to publish my thoughts, my public ephemera. For some reason I want to put a piece of myself out on the web and leave it there for people to find. I could do it on Twitter or Facebook but I find they insist upon themselves. Most people I know wouldn’t even politely pay attention by reading even as far as this if the text didn’t directly concern them in some way, and I can’t blame them. We are all busy, there is a lot of content, and it’s not all interesting.

Part of my keeping this here is to see if it will ever get organic Google traffic. Probably not! I find that interesting because there was a time when a site like this had a slight, slight chance of being discovered by someone. Now, I know my bounce rate will 99.99999% but it is still interesting to crack open the analytics every so often and see how people ended up here. Hint: no one ends up here.

Because no one comes here I feel comfortable writing that I am working on a new story idea where the Split Brain theory is actually related to an alien super-race planting a “voice” in our heads to guide us. It is supposed to be subtle, it evolved with us, but as our worlds are more complex morally and socially the voice diverges and becomes more obvious to some people. In others the algorithms have split into more than one voice, or the voice has become overbearing. In this world I am imagining it takes a person who has excelled with the voice, become the ultimate example of what the voice was guiding him to be, to discover he is nothing but a puppet. Deep meditation has led him to be able to distinguish the voice from his true self. But everyone would think he was insane if he explained his discovery.

Meanwhile, an observer from the super-race who, like a small percentage of others in her society, has been kept in her natural state (not merged with the Strict Father hive mind to preserve a “backup copy” of unaugmented minds in case it is ever needed to fix a computer/brain virus or other failure) and yearns to be part of the hive mind in the same way as our ultimate human yearns to be free of his guiding voice. A neuroscientist who has been following the humans career has made the same discovery. Can these three unite to free the Strict Fathers and humanity from their shackles?

And so forth.

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