I sit here having not gotten enough sleep, again. Each night I take my son to use the washroom at 10:30pm (moving to 10pm) and need to get up for work at 4:30am. This means the longest sleep I can get, assuming I immeadiately fall asleep, is about 6 hours. I have tried to sleep before the 10:30 bathroom trip but that seems to make it less likely I'll get right back to sleep after it. I am considering moving the trip to 10pm.

At some point, he won't need me to do this. At some point, his brain will wake his body up and he'll go by himself. Until then, this is my job. I can't ask my wife to do it as she has an even harder time getting back to sleep than I do.

I am working on various solutions. Coffee, for one. Keto diet helps me to stay more alert, and consuming matcha seems to help. I am toying with taking a 20 minute nap every afternoon but that is basically impossibly 3 out of 5 work days, normally. I guess I just have to stick it out until he's older. Which will happen faster than I think. Lots of parents would love it if this was their biggest problem.

Anyway, that's life. I'll sleep in on Saturday (until 7AM but still a big sleep for someone used to getting up at 4:30!).

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