My first real job was as a dishwasher in a small restaurant. As the steaming trays of silverware emerged from the commercial washer we would polish them with napkins and load them into silverware bins for use by the floor staff. It was important they be clean and not covered in fingerprints. I want this at home too!

I have always loaded my home silverware in with the business end of everything but steak knives pointing up. And sometimes I was finding no matter how clean my hands were I was still covering the silverware with my fingerprints when I unloaded it. Sometimes, too, it wasn't quite clean.

Recently, I changed things up and loaded the silverware pointing “down”. It seems to come out cleaner – possibly because the water is cascading down the utensil somehow getting more water on the bottom of it. And they are easier to unload without touching the parts that people put in their mouths. Win win.

Considering I've been loading dishwashers for almost 40 years this came as a surprise. Why hadn't it occurred to me before? Why has this not become the only way you would ever load a dishwasher?

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We own a 2010 Ford Edge and the air quality was terrible. Having recently learned about Cabin Air Filters I picked one up on (POTAUTO MAP 1041C Heavy Activated Carbon Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement compatible with FORD, Edge, LINCOLN, MKX, MAZDA, CX-9 (Upgraded with Active Carbon) – and watched some YouTube videos about replacing it.

As you can see from the above before and after, this was a serious problem that was pretty easy to fix. The dealer charges about $100 for this but you can do it yourself for about $15 CDN if you aren't including shipping, etc.

There were a few tricks I wanted to note:

  • there is this cable on the glove box preventing the drawer from falling out when open... use a flashlight to inspect how it is attached, it is designed to be removed so don't break it taking it out. Also, it is often AN ELASTIC so it will snap up into the area behind the dash and be hard to find, keep an eye on it and release the tension very slowly... when replacing it, you can probably hook it onto the top of the box while placing the hinges in place, otherwise you'll need a helper or do the hinge part one handed.

  • I broke the retaining clip by not seating the filter cover properly and then trying to remove it... this put the filter clip into an impossible position and I broke it by forcing (gently) out. The clip was still attached by one connection, though, and seems to work ok. The filter cover should be held in place simply by friction fit but I'll throw some duct tape on there if it comes out, I guess.

When I got it all back together I started up the car with the windows rolled up and was greeted by fresh air, not the mold scented pollution I've been breathing all Winter. I should have done this a long time ago. Also, it has really stepped up the airflow.

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