2018-12-06 22:42

sitrep 2018-12-06

Today was a rough day for me, personally. It wasn’t a terrible day by any objective measure. Even the fact that I was at the dentist twice (yes, twice) was not a huge downside since everyone there is really nice. It was more that I kept dropping things. I also had a bad inflammation day (probably because I ate fast food at lunch, etc). With the fusion in my neck and spine it seems like sometimes there can be issues with nerves. Limbs going numb, weird pains, etc. Anyway, sometimes my hands just drop stuff. I have techniques I use: carry bags by wrapping the handles around my hands rather than gripping them, hold important stuff either against my body or with two hands, and trying to stay very mindful of my hands when I am carrying things. But today I dropped everything. Starting with the morning in the kitchen. I dropped eggs, bowls of fruit, utensils, a container of olives, and so on. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming to waste food and have these messes to clean up. To an outside observer I just seem clumsy but it feels like I have lost control of my body at times like that. As the day went on it stopped happening. I worry that this will get worse as I age. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to affect typing or driving, etc. It is more when I am holding something and not 100% mindful of “holding”. My hand will just let go. Arg.

2018-11-27 22:29

Against all odds, I feel better

So I somehow managed to overcome that cold! I woke up this morning feeling like crap with a severe headache and some nausea. I took some Tylenol and got to work. At some point the chills went away, my headache was gone (after the Tylenol would have been metabolized), and I felt like eating. Pretty good day overall.

2018-11-26 14:30

Getting sick (finally)

My spouse and child have been really, really sick for weeks and I’ve been skating around the edges, avoiding it. Today I feel like it is here. The cold/flu is here. I am experiencing a sore throat and a chill that no amount of bundling up will fix. Please send chicken soup.

2018-04-19 22:39

sitrep 2018-04-19

Cold seems to be on the way out. Is fast recovery another benefit of low carb? Feels like a secret weapon or something.

2018-04-15 21:57

sitrep 2018-04-15

down about 15 lbs in three weeks, I guess… I’ve lost the weight I regained on vacation and am losing again. Eating like a King, too. Feels like cheating. Breakfast was a keto mug bread grilled cheese with bacon, strawberries, and an egg. Lunch was a Boston Pizza sandwich entree, hold the bread and fries with Cesar Salad. Dinner was a bunless burger, Greek salad, and mushrooms fried with spinach and garlic. Later we had keto cheesecake for dessert. I mean that’s good eats. we took our boy to the park today and went for a nice drive outside the city. Beautiful weather. that is all… Work in the morning.

2018-03-30 12:13

sitrep 2018-03-30

Sitting in a McDonald’s Playland while my son very slowly eats fries. I successfully beat a lifetime of fast food addiction by ordering a Ceasar salad with chicken. I opted for breaded, should have gotten grilled, but I’m still well under my carbs for the day and don’t feel like I “missed out”. Yay.

2018-01-26 05:27

I need a do-over

My son is 3.75 years old. I’m in my mid-40s. I have the physical age of probably 60. There have been times in my life when I’ve been in good shape. Then there’s now. Do the math and figure out how old I’ll be when my son graduates high school. Do I want to be at the convocation in a wheelchair? No. I want to be there feeling fit, healthy, and energetic. So in taking a Mulligan. I starting over. I’m doing it for myself, for my wife, and for my son. Here’s hoping it works.

0001-01-01 00:00

Bike rides and jogging 2018-05-10

My son is learning to ride a bike. Mom rides up front, he follows behind with training wheels on. Dad walks briskly beside him offering encouragement, preventing scraped elbows, and giving a little push on the uphill parts. Well, last night he started to get fast. Faster than a walking pace but less than a moderate jog. So I jogged beside him. This was incredible. I used to love running but haven’t really done it since the operation and find I don’t really “have time to run”. But all of a sudden it’s nice out and he’s on his bike after dinner and I am getting to go for a brief, light job. This is pretty good stuff, here, people. :)

0001-01-01 00:00

sitrep 2018-03-25

Last Sunday we started keto and since then I’ve lost about 10 lbs. Having an ostomy has meant that going without carbs leads to lots of trips to the washroom after each meal. And while I felt great at first, I was getting pretty fun down by today. Because of this I’m adding a few more carbs (starch) back into the mix but keeping it minimal. Just enough to make dealing with the ostomy a little easier. I’ll monitor my weight and scale back of weight loss ceases.

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