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sitrep 2018-03-29

I weigh myself every night right before bed. Tonight I was down into the next “10s”. That’s incredible. And I’m never hungry. I am more low carb than keto but this feels sustainable. At some point today I wrote something on an index card that I’m going to carry with me and think about for the next few days: “every time I make progress with fitness or diet I derail when I go on vacation or there’s a holiday period”. Ok, that’s not what I wrote but it’s close. I’m going to be staying with my folks for a week or so. My wife and son won’t be with us. I’ll be driving by a McDonald’s a few times a day. There will be delicious homemade bread in the kitchen. This could be tough. I’ll just do the best I can. Time for sleep.

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sitrep 2018-04-18

I’m up a little early because of my cold and the fact that our boy climbed into bed in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to wake him up when my watch alarm buzzed. I am down well over 15 lbs since starting low carb a few weeks ago and this includes a visit home where I put a few pounds back on. It is actually a little freaky to step on that scale in the morning and see how much I’ve lost. I really do put a lot of stock in the relationship of insulin to weight loss. The Obesity Code is a pretty good book to get started with if you want a really detailed explanation of why insulin is what you should be thinking about instead of “Calories In, Calories Out”. You can also start here: Diet Doctor: How To Lose Weight. This is the authors’ site and is a boiled down guide. I think a person really needs to dig into the science here to get the best results so I would suggest the book or just Googling “insulin resistance” and reading as much as you can stand. OK, I need to get an early start at work as I have a bunch of estimators coming to the house today, etc.

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