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sitrep 2018-03-01

So today is the second day where I am feeling lethargic and nauseated. Better than yesterday, though. I made it to the end of the workday and sacked out on the couch for 20 minutes before getting into my daily routine that ends with me going to get my son at daycare. Notes: Trump: like, just, wtf… Some just want to watch the world burn. Index cards: so far this system has me knocking off one or two tasks a day.

sitrep 2018-02-27

So, my original mission for this blog is to chronicle my efforts to get back into shape. My wife pointed out that I was so out of shape that anything would help and so I could try running up and down the stairs. I did that today. 3 sets of the up and downs. I was definitely winded. Also did some push ups and stretches.

sitrep 2018-02-22

Boxes in my office - evenings and weekends and here and there I’ve gotten through 2 of the 4 large boxes in my office from the move. I have a few piles of things that need to be put away, a lot went into junk, and my file/shred stack has grown but the boxes are both empty and gone. Now on to the next one. Index cards - I am using index cards for my TODO system again.

sitrep 2018-04-04

You win some, you lose some. Last night I lost to lasagna. Getting back on track today. Been having fun with the “one index card per step of the Hero’s Journey” method of writing. I did one card for “beginning, middle, end” and then am going into the steps between those main sections of the Hero’s Journey and creating a card for each (“Call To adventure”, “Refusal Of The Call”). Once these are done I will fill in a card for the places between these creating scene details, dialog snippets, and other building blocks.