2019-01-11 22:33

sitrep 2019-01-11

Quick blog:

  • All thought is a list, all rhetoric is a list. Lists are the most fundamental organizing principle and can serve as categorization, ordering of items, dependencies, and as the most concise form of communication. Any document is really a list of statements. A program is a list of commands. A list manager, therefore, is a fundamental tool for organizing thoughts, composition, and the persistence of knowledge. Seems like nested lists is the way to go. Good thing org-mode can handle that nicely.
  • Keto diet is going really well. I am down well over 10lbs and much further ahead of where I need to be to hit my goal weight. I haven’t “cheated” yet and am still feeling incremental improvements in mental acuity, energy, and lack of pain from inflammation. It’s pretty amazing. Sorry if I sound like a zealot but this is keeping me motivated.
  • A show I’ve been watching that I find really fascinating lately is Frontier. The idea of frontiers is fascinating. This basic proving ground of humans since the dawn of time can seem lost to us. The unexplored, lawless region on the outskirts of civilization that is there be mapped and exploited. With this great opportunity and relatively little oversight comes brutal competition and great risk. While it is exciting to view historical dramas about the fur trade in Northern Canada I do hope that when we explore our new frontiers - space, undersea, technological, genetic - we will try to treat each other better and work toward a common good instead of just trying to out-exploit our fellow humans. It’s time we put aside all the competition and got in a cooperative mindset. I am not sure what people get out of crushing their enemies but I suspect it has a lot to do with being abused as a child and never feeling safe unless you have power over others. We have to get away from that. It starts with making sure children are safe and happy. If kids grow up in a good environment they are not driven to hurt others just to keep themselves from being hurt. As a society, committing to keeping children safe may be the greatest thing we can do to ensure a peaceful, prosperous future. Perpetuating the aggression and violence of our past is not going to lead us anywhere good.

2019-01-08 07:38

sitrep 2019-01-08

Going on second week of keto and I feel great. Very little inflammation and my commitment to eat enough fiber is keeping the ostomy situation under control. Rapid water weight loss has stopped so I’ll need to watch my portion sizes to keep losing weight but my hunger is well controlled and I have tons of energy (and very little pain). So far, so good!

2019-01-06 11:17

Keto and an Ileostomy

So I have an ileostomy as a result of complications from Crohns Disease. This saved my life and let me feel much better in general but poses some unique challenges when getting into a Keto diet phase.

Here are some bullet point observations:

  • as your body adapts to fat as a fuel source, chances are you are eating a smaller quantity of much more nutrient dense food. This will lead to fewer trips to empty your ostomy appliance which can be both a relief and a little disconcerting since people with stymies are encouraged to view any change in output volume or frequency as a potential sign of trouble. If you are otherwise feeling OK, I would just be happy you have to empty your appliance less (NOTE: I AM NOT A DOCTOR).

  • I have noticed that if I am not watching what I eat I will get into something like a flushing cycle where, instead of urinating normally, a lot of fluid is leaving my body as very, very liquid output. This is similar to what happens when you have a partial blockage and your body is trying to flush it out. This is a feedback loop that will probably not get better on its own if you just ignore it and can very quickly dehydrate you.

In the past, I would think to myself “well, this is the keto diet not having enough starch, I better eat some starch” and so I would eat some carbs (we still prepare and serve carbs to our son so it isn’t like there are none around) and the problem would quickly fix itself. However, this means you are no longer in ketosis and it takes a while to get back there (not to mention this is a gateway to eating MORE carbs!).

So this time around, my plan is to really just eat more high fiber veggies and less fat in general. In the past I really overdid the fat and I think I have learned a valuable lesson. I believe the high fat, low fiber nature of some of my meals was leading to the flushing effect beginning. So far so good and it is been almost a week. I have been trying to eat a good amount of fiber at every meal except breakfast. I find as long as I get it in most meals I am fine and I do love bacon or sausage and eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll add an avacado into the mix but I never really got into spinach omelets, etc. Just eggs and meat, please, (with some sharp cheddar) in moderation.

If you have an ileostomy and are interested in Keto, please let me know what resources you use in the comments or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer. I haven’t found a good, online community for discussing Keto with ileostomy people like myself yet so let me know! (please, no Facebook)

2019-01-04 05:28

sitrep 2018-01-04

So this is a quick one. I am down something like 8 lbs since Monday morning. This is the “start of Keto” and is totally because yesterday I peed about 5,000 times. This rate of weight loss WILL NOT CONTINUE so there’s little point in my posting a chart with a trend line showing me going into negative weight in a couple months.

Here are some take-aways:

  • My arthritic pain is greatly reduced and centralized to a few trouble spots which will probably go away soon… This is HUGE and I need to refer back to this post when I decide it’s OK to have a burger bun on the weekend or something.

  • I am not tired, at all. I mean I was appropriately tired at bed-time. Just through the day, I feel good!

  • Tonight is my “Scott Time” (Friday night!) so I am going to write up the outline I worked on while waiting for my car to get an oil change the other day. It is a good one. It is my 100th try at an outline for a novel I’ve been trying to work out for YEARS. I am feeling good about this one. It feels complete. It is sort of The Man Who Fell To Earth meets Neuromancer. Could work.

2018-11-22 21:52


Lunch was 3 leftover meatballs (good sized) cooked in a little sauce and fat and covered with parm. I had a heaping tablespoon of cooked rice for science mixed in. Finished with three bites of jerky and some unsalted nuts (keep salted ones around but lunch was salty). Full and feeling OK!

2018-11-22 05:07

sitrep 2018-11-22

Made it through the night without snacking! Felt full and slept well. My inflammation is lowering as time goes on and I feel pretty “woke” in terms of brain fog. I need all the mental acuity I can get. After work I am taking my son to a friend’s house for a social gathering with a large group. Dinner will not be served (AFAIK) and my son is clamouring for a Happy Meal (which would be extremely convenient given the locations involved). I am not sure what I will do. I am considering buying 2 McDoubles and combining them, throwing away one of the buns. I would normally get the chicken ceaser but I don’t want to count on the lettuce being available and not being riddled with e. Coli.

2018-11-23 05:29

Starting Keto AGAIN

After careful consideration I have decided to double down on Keto. I have been slipping back in to a standard diet lately, much to my regret. Inflammation is up, making it much harder to sleep and I am generally not feeling great. I would say my weight stabilized once I started sliding back and is in danger of going back up (I gain weight very, very easily).

Yesterday was day one, back on it (2018-11-20) so wish me luck. I am not going to bother weighing myself every day. I recently decided weight is not even close to as important to me as how I feel, how my clothes fit, controlling cravings, and other aspects of life. And what happens when I obsess over weight is as I see it go down I am tempted to “reward” with a “treat”.

This is addictive behaviour. I am a food addict. Probably a pizza addict. Salty, carby, fatty food. Oh, just typing that makes me want some now. My favorite food? Pizza, bacon sandwhiches, grilled cheese, etc. Anyway, I need to confront this. I have beaten harder things in my time, and cold turkey. Here I go again. I have to think of Owen and the man he sees as his father. He needs a healthy role model.

2018-03-20 21:53


OK, in the midst of constant anxiety that the US is going to destroy the world I have some updates:

  1. Keto - we’re doing Keto! I have a lot of energy.
  2. Weather - it’s really nice here.
  3. Daily routines - I am starting to get the hang of my life which typically means it will all be disrupted sooner rather than later. I am on the verge of having enough room at the end of a given day to do some “old paper” shredding assuming no errands to run.
  4. Index card system - I am knocking off one or two minor tasks a day. This feels really good.
  5. Work - going well, focusing well, Keto and coffee are quite a combo.

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