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Morning Pages 2018-07-11

The following is based on something I wrote about in my Morning Pages on 2018-07-01 (Canada Day). I was sitting in a car after sleeping in a tent all night with my wife and son. I didn’t want to wake our son up by going back in the tent (it was around 5AM meaning the sun was well up) and so I climbed into our car and froze quietly while trying to write a little. The idea I was struggling with involved me never being a great (even readable) writer because I suck at completing stories. I have never really had those flashes of inspiration where a fully formed story just comes into existence and is just there waiting to be written down. Instead I get a character. Maybe a scene. Or a setting. Sometimes I get a few characters and I interweave them but their connections are fairly tenuous. So I can give up or I can do something else. I can try to get there in a different way. What I am working with now is the only thing I have found has worked in the past for me: take an idea and just work it. Spend time each day building on it. Take one of those snippets that comes to me and start asking questions: how does this person make money? who are their friends? where do the live? what do the really, really want? what do they think is stopping them from getting it? These are going to be the story. I am also working on always having a ticking clock type element to the story where options are disappearing or a very significant deadline is approaching. Something to build tension besides a character simply wanting to do something and something else stopping them. There needs to be a cost to be paid, something risked.

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