2019-01-06 11:17

Keto and an Ileostomy

So I have an ileostomy as a result of complications from Crohns Disease. This saved my life and let me feel much better in general but poses some unique challenges when getting into a Keto diet phase.

Here are some bullet point observations:

  • as your body adapts to fat as a fuel source, chances are you are eating a smaller quantity of much more nutrient dense food. This will lead to fewer trips to empty your ostomy appliance which can be both a relief and a little disconcerting since people with stymies are encouraged to view any change in output volume or frequency as a potential sign of trouble. If you are otherwise feeling OK, I would just be happy you have to empty your appliance less (NOTE: I AM NOT A DOCTOR).

  • I have noticed that if I am not watching what I eat I will get into something like a flushing cycle where, instead of urinating normally, a lot of fluid is leaving my body as very, very liquid output. This is similar to what happens when you have a partial blockage and your body is trying to flush it out. This is a feedback loop that will probably not get better on its own if you just ignore it and can very quickly dehydrate you.

In the past, I would think to myself “well, this is the keto diet not having enough starch, I better eat some starch” and so I would eat some carbs (we still prepare and serve carbs to our son so it isn’t like there are none around) and the problem would quickly fix itself. However, this means you are no longer in ketosis and it takes a while to get back there (not to mention this is a gateway to eating MORE carbs!).

So this time around, my plan is to really just eat more high fiber veggies and less fat in general. In the past I really overdid the fat and I think I have learned a valuable lesson. I believe the high fat, low fiber nature of some of my meals was leading to the flushing effect beginning. So far so good and it is been almost a week. I have been trying to eat a good amount of fiber at every meal except breakfast. I find as long as I get it in most meals I am fine and I do love bacon or sausage and eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll add an avacado into the mix but I never really got into spinach omelets, etc. Just eggs and meat, please, (with some sharp cheddar) in moderation.

If you have an ileostomy and are interested in Keto, please let me know what resources you use in the comments or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer. I haven’t found a good, online community for discussing Keto with ileostomy people like myself yet so let me know! (please, no Facebook)

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