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sitrep 2018-04-02

Health - successfully navigated Easter while actually losing weight. I am being a little less strict during my visit but trying to also get more activity in (and by less strict I mean “only a little”). Sleep - I miss our bed at home. I am sleeping in the bed I had from ages 6 to probably 14, I guess? Same mattress. Writing - trying to “write a story with index cards” by creating big blocks and ideas (story points, scenes, phrases, etc) as index cards and then running through them. Just a fun project while I have some extra time to myself in the evenings.

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sitrep 2018-04-04

You win some, you lose some. Last night I lost to lasagna. Getting back on track today. Been having fun with the “one index card per step of the Hero’s Journey” method of writing. I did one card for “beginning, middle, end” and then am going into the steps between those main sections of the Hero’s Journey and creating a card for each (“Call To adventure”, “Refusal Of The Call”). Once these are done I will fill in a card for the places between these creating scene details, dialog snippets, and other building blocks. These can then be shuffled around a bit. Eventually, I will transcribe all of those cards into a linear document and begin editing (if this works).

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sitrep 2018-04-06

So it begins: http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1741-2552/aaaed7/meta - when this thing can do VR, please sign me up. health - not really following my eating plan and it shows, weight loss has stopped even though I only “cheated” a little. Back on track today. Note: ate a donair, I’m in Halifax, what are your gonna do? writing - almost have an index card for each of the phase 1 aspects of the Hero’s Journey outline as presented on the Wikipedia page. I am doing one a day… it is really interesting to me how this limited engagement with a story is working much better than if I were to stare at a blank page. Once all the cards are done I will go through them and fill in the blanks with other cards, slowly building it up. At some point it will turn into a single document, I suppose. life - got to see my oldest friends for a bit last night, I always look forward to that and enjoy it… they are like family and I regret not being able to hang out with them more but whenever we get together it’s a good time.

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